Introduction to high-power LED single-chip package and …

Lumileds of the United States has developed the Luxeon series of high-power LED single-chip package structures. This power-type single-chip LED package structure is completely different from the conventional Φ5mm LED package structure. It is to directly solder the front-emitting L

Taiwan factory Peiheng wants to launch LED driver produ…

LED lighting applications have become an inevitable development trend. Analog IC Taiwan Peiheng (6291) said that after completing the relevant product development layout, a series of LED drivers for lighting will be officially launched. It is reported that the new LED driver will adopt different s

CLP's LED lighting performance grew 410% annually

Taiwan Plant CLP (1611) LED lighting business benefited from Cree technology and channel cooperation. In 2010, its performance grew by 410%, accounting for 40% of revenue. CLP LED sales are currently based on modules. Q2 revenue is NT$1.57 billion, a quarterly increase of 15%, Q2 EPS is 0.34 yuan,

Semiconductor lighting emphasizes the development of sy…

Lighting is a comprehensive engineering technique involving multiple disciplines and multiple technical fields. Human visual characteristics and visual cognition determine the pursuit of quantity and quality of lighting, not only to consider the development of its own technical field, but also to c

CSA International and VDE jointly organize LED seminars

Recently, VDE and CSA International, two world-renowned testing and certification organizations, jointly held seminars on lamps and LED technology. The certification experts from VDE and CSA introduced the latest safety standards for LED products in Europe and North America. A total of 90 guests fr

Energy-saving design of urban road lighting project

In 2004, the Ministry of Construction and the National Development and Reform Commission issued a notice on the “Regulations on Strengthening Urban Lighting Management to Promote Energy Conservation” on the basis of the “Regulations on the Management of Urban Road

Nano energy-saving lamps grab the beach LED market

A few days ago, the world's finest fluorescent lamp was born in Shenzhen, with a diameter of less than 2 mm and a life expectancy of 50,000 hours. Its research and development company Sany Nano Energy said that the energy-saving lamp uses nanotechnology, the core technology is to increase the l

Taiwan factory Heshentang LED ceramic heat sink substra…

Taiwan's passive component manufacturer He Shentang (3026)'s LED ceramic heat sink substrate products, after a year and a half of testing by LED manufacturers, has obtained relevant certification in Q1 2010, Q3 began mass production and shipment in 2010. At present, Heshentang's monthl

Jiangmen High-tech Zone newly signed LED project reache…

In the first half of this year, Jiangmen High-tech Zone has signed 4 led projects with an investment of 3.23 billion yuan; 3 LED projects with an investment of 12.9 billion yuan; 32 LED projects with an investment of 11.925 billion yuan. 80 MOCVD (LED epitaxial chip core devices) have been introduc

Hangzhou Workshop Seminar on High-tech LED National Tou…

Hangzhou seminar group map: We can follow customers' drawings or design to make Customized wire harness for various industries: game machine, ATM, POS machine, etc. Customized wire assembly with AVL components from original manufactures. Also harness with local equivalent componets are