LED terminal market accelerates the demand for the acce…

[High-tech report|High-tech LED reporter Wang Cairong] The rapid increase in demand for LED lighting terminals has led to the rapid increase in orders and shipments of many downstream LED lighting companies, as well as LED production equipment manufacturers and glue manufacturers. Mid- and downstre

What are the anti-static requirements for LED display?

The importance of anti-static measures for LED displays cannot be ignored. The following are some instructions for static electricity and anti-static: 1. Source of static electricity: The static electricity sources that affect the circuit mainly include human body, plastic products and related equi

Hongli photoelectric signing Guangzhou street lamp reno…

Hongli Optoelectronics (300219) announced on the afternoon of July 28th that on July 25th, it received the company and consortium member Guangzhou Liangye Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd. (collectively referred to as “Party B”) and Guangzhou Lighting Construction Management Center (â€

Analysis of key skills in lighting design in villas (1)

The villa is generally located in a location with a good natural environment, forested mountains, by the sea, or with unique natural resources. People like to live in villas, they can stay away from the hustle and bustle of the downtown area, they can have open indoor and outdoor space to enjoy lif

Global semiconductor sales will increase by 6.5%

The arrival of the second half of 2014 and the development of electronic components in the first half of the year will enable us to predict the trend of the second half of the year. According to market forecasts, global semiconductor sales in 2014 will reach US$325 billion, an increase of

Sensor Lamp Principles and Benefits

The principle of the induction lamp: It is an automatic switch control circuit, there are many types, the closure of the switch (ie, turn on the light) in the way there are "voice control", "trigger", "induction", "light control", etc., disconnected