By 2020, global IoT device access will reach 26 billion

Electronic enthusiasts eight o'clock in the morning: The Internet of Things is a highly integrated and integrated application of a new generation of information technology, which is of great significance to the new round of industrial transformation and economic and social

Lenovo's new Miix 320 hybrid flat panel exposure is…

[Abstract] Overall, the Miix 320 is a relatively cleanup upgrade product, and there is no big bright spot. Tencent Digital (Language) Lenovo launched a hybrid tablet called Miix 310 in the past year, which is equipped with a detachable external keyboard. Now Lenovo will so

Facebook wins 3D gesture patent based on smartphone

Not long ago, it was reported that Hugo Barra, the former vice president of Xiaomi, joined Facebook and was responsible for the VR business. Hugo was a good communicator when she worked at Google, and many people remembered his energetic speech. Zuckerberg is likely to hope th

Nexys3 Learning Notes 3: Hardware peripherals

Get a new board, usually we can't wait to run a test demo to see the effect, but please believe that this is a "novice" feature. We are no longer young, and there is no need to "recklessly" toss the board. Returning to rationality, then I suggest that y