Zhang Jindong: Diluting the concept of home appliances …

“Suning Appliance has been developing for 20 years. There have been many successful experiences and some branding. I have been thinking about what Suning should be like.” Suning Appliance Chairman Zhang Jindong leaned on the sofa and used Nanjing Mandarin in the cavity and &quo

Linear Technology LT3474 LED Driver Powers High-Brightn…

Regardless of efficiency or longevity, today's ultra-bright LEDs far exceed the performance of incandescent bulbs. Taking full advantage of these features requires a correspondingly efficient and reliable LED driver, such as the LT3474. This article refers to the address: http:// The LT3474

80% of IoT sensor localization requirements

Sensors constitute the basic unit of the Internet of Things. They are the eyes and ears of the Internet of Things and are the source of information for the Internet of Things. In recent years, rapid development of sensor technology, improved detection accuracy, reduced manufacturing costs

Analysts expect iPad sales to exceed 100 million units …

March 5 news, Apple is about to release a new generation of iPad on March 7, which is bound to trigger a new round of buying rush. According to foreign analysts, the new generation iPad will refresh iPad sales records, and it is expected that the cumulative sales volume will exceed 100 mil

Huadian Group Enters Hainan New Energy Field

On March 1st, at the signing ceremony of the cooperation memorandum between the People's Government of Hainan Province and the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council and the symposium on deepening cooperation between the Hainan Provincial Peop

LED lighting is a very important industry

At present, we focus our LED technology market on lighting. Nowadays, the global lighting demand has reached about 2 trillion kilowatts, which will generate a lot of carbon dioxide emissions every year. One technology I think can reduce carbon emissions is LED lighting. If you turn the cur

Taiwan businessman Xu Tao: Ten years of grinding and st…

Since entering the mainland in 2000, Weisheng, under the leadership of Xu Tao as the head of the company, has taken the “China Core” concept to take root in mainland China. VIA’s “China Core” national technology brand image has been universally recognized by

Kodak Company masters the main OLED original technology

Kodak, which masters the original OLED original technology, recently authorized the passive OLED panel patent to Taiwan Lianzong Optoelectronics, and also broke the rumors that Kodak was reluctant to authorize. However, Kodak said that passive OLED patents should be discontinued this year and will b

E-book reader grew 140% last year

According to Taiwan media reports, Taiwan’s “photovoltaic association” recently stated that in 2011, the global e-paper output value reached a scale of 1.3 billion U.S. dollars. Compared with the previous year, the growth rate was 68%. Among them, the e-book reader is th

Atmel Releases MSL2164 and MSL2166 16-String LED Driver…

Atmel Corporation announces the introduction of a new family of high-performance 16-string LED drivers that integrate timing algorithms that improve the quality of LCD TV images by eliminating 3D ghosting and flicker effects. With these capabilities, the Atmel MSL2164 and MSL2166 devices offer an a