Seoul Semiconductor successfully mass-produced 5 times …

On July 3, Seoul Semiconductor's new LED product “nPola” debuted, which uses the core technology that will lead the next-generation lighting market. The new product "nPola" is a product developed by Seoul Semiconductor for more than 10 years with patented technology. It i

Principle application of three level sensors

1. Float type liquid level transmitter Float type liquid level transmitter is to change the magnetic float to buoy, and the liquid level sensor is designed according to the Archimedes buoyancy principle. Float type liquid level transmitter uses tiny metal film strain sensing technology to

Consumer Electronics Demand Brings Opportunities to the…

With the rapid development of the IT industry in recent years, the electronic components industry has also maintained stable growth. The prosperity of consumer electronics products will become an important driving factor in the development of the industry, bringing better cyclical investme

Explore the lighting presets of the swimming pool

The light source is selected in the swimming pool lighting. The light color and color rendering of the light source meet the visual requirements of the athletes and the audience. Therefore, it is necessary to systematically compare several commonly used light sources in the swimming

Wu Zongxian invests in LED loss and is seized property

Wu Zongxian was suspected of investing in the LED business. He had borrowed 20 million NT dollars from the defendant Qin Ding, who was urged by the court to be enforced and seized the property. In the name of Wu Zongxian, three real estates were confirmed to be detained, and the remaining 1.5 mill

Honeywell Introduces VFD Core Series Inverter Products

Honeywell Environmental Control announced that the Honeywell-branded VFD CORE series inverter has been fully launched. Honeywell has accumulated a wealth of experience in the application of frequency converters in HVAC systems in a large number of engineering projects, summed up how to mo

General mechanical vacuum pump working principle

1. CG-17 glass three-stage high-vacuum oil diffusion pump and its working principle GG-17 has low glass expansion coefficient, can better withstand high temperature difference, so the pump can withstand higher temperature than the same type of pump. Longer life. The pump is suitable for th

JEDEC Releases Five International LED Hot Test Standard…

JEDEC Solid State Technology Association is the leading standard organization in the microelectronics industry. In the past 50 years, the standards set by JEDEC have been accepted and adopted by the entire industry. As a global organization, the membership of JEDEC is transnational. JEDEC