Li Xinghua Interprets Guangdong's Promotion of LED Lighting Products "Five Pieces"

On May 28th, Guangdong Province held a working conference on the promotion and application of LED lighting products. Strategic deployment from the Guangdong provincial government level, high-profile and strong promotion of the application of LED lighting products, is a major positive for the LED industry.

Judging from the representatives of the business circles attending the conference, the scale enterprises of the LED industry in Guangdong Province are almost gathered together. Some people joked that dropping a light bulb from the ceiling would definitely lead to two billionaires.

As the “leader” of the national economy, Guangdong Province has always been at the forefront of development. On May 23, 2012, the Guangdong Provincial Government issued the “Implementation Plan for Promoting the Use of LED Lighting Products in Guangdong Province” (hereinafter referred to as the “Implementation Plan”) to accelerate the promotion and application of high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmentally friendly semiconductor lighting (LED) products to promote energy conservation and emission reduction. To promote the development of LED lighting and related industries, and to form competitive strategic emerging industries and new economic growth points.

The "Implementation Plan" will promote the application of the target and the industrial development goal, which will help to promote the development of LED strategic emerging industries. In response to market application of this strategic emerging industry development key link, Guangdong Province will implement the LED application demonstration project as a breakthrough in driving the development of the LED industry.

As of the end of 2011, the LED lighting demonstration project in Guangdong Province has promoted the application of 250,000 LED street lamps, driving the annual output value of the LED lighting industry to 151.5 billion yuan, ranking first in the country. It can be expected that under the impetus of the application demonstration scale established in the “Implementation Plan”, the LED consumer demand in Guangdong Province will achieve explosive growth, and the strategic goal of achieving the LED industry scale reaching more than 500 billion yuan at the end of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period is just around the corner. The industry will become a new growth point for Guangdong's economic development.

In this regard, Li Xinghua, director of the Science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province, has interpreted some highlights and features.

First song
Goal - Three years of popularization of LED public lighting
Sword refers to the annual output value of LED in 2015 exceeds 500 billion yuan

In recent years, the economy of Guangdong Province is facing the threshold of structural transformation, and the overall economic situation has forced Guangdong Province to vigorously develop strategic emerging industries. Guangdong's LED industry has become one of the breakthroughs and main directions of Guangdong's development of strategic emerging industries with its explosive growth rate and unique global production capacity. In the current economic situation, the LED industry can not only directly promote Guangdong's economic growth, but also better promote the economic restructuring of Guangdong and achieve energy conservation and emission reduction targets. The development of the LED industry is an important measure to implement the deployment and requirements of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government to accelerate the development of strategic emerging industries and transform the development mode.

Li Xinghua said: "According to the overall goal, the "Implementation Plan" clearly requires that the implementation of LED lighting demonstration projects, such as roads, public places, government agencies, state-owned enterprises and institutions, or other state-owned capital investment, will achieve 50% energy saving under the caliber. Above, the province's LED industry will be driven to the end of the 'Twelfth Five-Year Plan' to achieve an annual output value of more than 500 billion yuan."

3 years of popularization of LED lighting in the field of public lighting. It is the first to complete the promotion and application of LED lighting products in the field of public lighting, that is, roads, public places, government agencies, state-owned enterprises and other financial or state-owned capital investment construction projects. From the date of implementation of the “Implementation Plan”, all new lighting projects in the above fields will adopt LED street lights, garden lights and landscape lights, etc.; the original non-LED lighting products will be implemented in three years before the end of 2014. The batch transformation is completed. The Pearl River Delta region strives to take two years to complete by the end of 2013.

Accelerate the popularization of social LED lighting. Taking the LED lighting in the public lighting field for 3 years as a demonstration, through the guidance of comprehensive LED lighting social demonstration projects such as indoor lighting and the promotion of related supporting policies, accelerate the promotion of non-public lighting, promote and promote the progressive application of various fields in society. LED lighting products.

Coordinate urban and rural promotion and application. In the application demonstration project arrangement, fully take care of the actual situation in rural areas, arrange a certain proportion of demonstration projects in rural areas, and guide the application of LED lighting products to rural areas.

Achieve comprehensive goals for energy conservation and industrial development. By promoting the implementation of application engineering, energy savings of more than 50% under the caliber of the year-on-year can be achieved. Drive the rapid and healthy development of the LED industry in Guangdong Province, and achieve an annual output value of more than 500 billion yuan by the end of the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period.

Second song
Standard - LED product evaluation benchmark system
Guarantee - strict application of engineering quality barrier

In view of the current lack of technical standards for LED lighting products, quality testing methods can not keep up with technological development, product quality is uneven, and market competition is disorderly development bottleneck, Guangdong Province is the first to promote the application of LED product evaluation benchmark system in the country.

Li Xinghua said: "This "Implementation Plan" guarantees the quality of engineering products through the LED product evaluation benchmark system pioneered by Guangdong Province."

The so-called "LED product evaluation benchmark system" is to select a product that is closely related to product quality, draw on the testing standards and technical methods of developed countries in the LED field, and develop a unified test method for products that have been widely used and widely acclaimed. Regular inspections and benchmarks that represent the level of product innovation in the industry. Under the unified testing conditions, the product quality is evaluated and graded by comparison with the benchmark index.

"Guangdong Province Green Lighting Demonstration City Recommended Procurement Product Catalogue" is an important basis and means for LED promotion and application engineering project acceptance and product quality control. According to the enterprise application, the enterprise products accept the “LED Lighting Benchmark System” rating, and the C-level and above products are listed in the catalogue. LED lighting application projects in Guangdong Province must use LED street light products listed in the product catalog. The benchmark system evaluation accepts applications throughout the year, and the product catalog is valid for one year from the date of publication. The “Implementation Plan” emphasizes that the project must use the products in the catalogue to ensure that the products are selected in an open, fair, just and high quality manner to ensure quality.

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