14:30 Live video interview with Huang Yumin (Photos)

Today (20th) at 14:30 pm, Aladdin Lighting Network will broadcast live video interview with Mr. Huang Yumin from Guangzhou Guanghuaying Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. Enter the live video scene>>>

Aladdin Lighting Network Specially Mr. Huang Yumin, Guangzhou Guangguangying Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

? Video live broadcast, divided into two parts: Interview + case review

The interview will be described by Mr. Huang Yumin on "Innovative Combination of Technology, Aesthetics and Optics"

During the live video, Aladdin Lighting asked experts to comment on the 2 most popular cases of netizens.

During the live broadcast, netizens can watch videos online, listen to expert reviews online, ask questions on time, and interact at multiple angles.

14:30, Aladdin Lighting Network video broadcasts you!

Relevant information:

Huang Yumin

China, Guangdong Province, Guangzhou City

Chairman of Guangzhou Guanghuaying Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Guangheying Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.: It is a high-tech company that develops and produces "Light&Shadow" brand lighting equipment. Its original lighting "Artist" series of art mixed light and "Euroleux" series of artistic light mixed light, created a new form of light, because of its unique artistic beauty, in Guangzhou, a river in 2006 The application of the cross-strait lighting project.

The first live video status: Aladdin interviewed with light source expert Jiang Xinhua (Photos)

After the first live video broadcast: Jiang Xinhua as a guest Aladdin video interactive chat gold gallery (real map)

The second video live broadcast topic collection: video interview second wave topic hot collection

The second video live case vote: video live case vote 10 into 3 waiting for you to finalize

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