More than 3,000 live broadcast software, how to customize your favorite channel?

Live broadcast software usually provides CCTV stations, TV stations, local stations, and various types of carousel channels. While providing rich content, it also brings a problem. How do you quickly find channels that you often watch and like to watch? ? Apart from memorizing station numbers, is there an easier way? Today, Xiao Bian teaches you a few simple setup steps to teach you once and for all, and it's easy to find Taiwan and Taiwan!

Method One: Collection Channel

The general live broadcast software has my collection function. Take the live broadcast software TV home for example as an example to see how to use it!

1. When the screen is full, point the menu key on the remote control and select Add Favorite.

2. The channels that have been collected will enter the user center - My Favorites. You can change stations here. You can also add and delete them through the management collection.

3. If you want to find my collection more conveniently, you can check my favorites in the common channel in the setting center, so that my collection will appear directly above the channel list, and you can easily change channels later.

4, the ultimate move: Click to start entering the Favorites button, the next time you open the software directly into the collection of the list. This button can be opened or closed. (If it is to help the elderly home, it is especially recommended to open this feature)

Method two: often watch the channel

In addition to the collection channel, the TV set also comes with a watch channel function, which automatically calculates frequently viewed channels and easily swaps channels in this column.

to sum up

For everyone's convenience, the live broadcast software now has a built-in collection function, but the setting location and operation method are not the same. Everyone usually has more to see, and more attempts can be mastered. After use is absolutely convenient!

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