Outdoor LED electronic display and other tender announcements

Title: Tender Notice for Outdoor LED Electronic Display, etc. Tender No.: 芜招采[告](2009) No. 381 Announcement Date: June 12, 2009 Deadline: July 3, 2009 Tendering Agency: Jinghu District Education The bureau needs twenty-seventh and twenty-nine middle schools and provinces: Anhui Province - Wuhu City Content: Entrusted by the Office of the Purchasing Management Committee of Jinghu District, Wuhu City, the electronic screen of the 27th and 29th Middle Schools of the Jinghu District Education Bureau The equipment procurement project will be open for public bidding, and qualified bidders are welcome to participate.

1. Content of the bidding:

29 sets of outdoor LED electronic display, 27 sets of outdoor LED electronic display

(The whole package is issued, please refer to the bidding documents for details)

2. Bidder's qualifications:

A manufacturer or agent with independent legal personality and the above-mentioned cargo supply, installation and after-sales service capabilities. (The project is a simultaneous procurement project on the Internet and offline. Bidders must register as members of the Wuhu Municipal Government Procurement Supplier Bank and apply for CA certification before they can bid for the bidding documents, registration, bidding, and online. For bid opening, please contact the bidder who is interested to come to our office for registration, registration and CA certification.)

3. Time and place for the issuance of bidding documents:

The qualified qualified bidder may appoint a representative to hold the power of attorney, the identity card and a copy of the identity card, a copy of the legal person business license (with the official seal of the unit) and other information from June 12 to June 18, 2009. From 9:00 to 17:00 (except for weekends), go to the lobby of the first floor of Wuhu City Bidding and Purchase Trading Center to register and register online, and download the bidding documents from the Internet.

4. Deadline for bid submission and time for bid opening: 10:30 am on July 3, 2009

Bid Opening Location: Bid Opening Room, 2nd Floor, Bidding and Purchasing Trading Center, Wuhu City

5. Margin: All bidders are required to submit a deposit, the deposit is RMB renminbi, and will be transferred to the designated account from the bidder's account by transfer, wire transfer or money order within three working days before the bid opening date. The deposit is overdue or not submitted. The bid will not be accepted.

6. Bidding Integrity Margin: All bidders are required to submit the bidding integrity deposit, and the bidding integrity deposit is RMB. The bidding, wire transfer or money order will be transferred to the designated account below for three working days before the bid opening date. The bids that are overdue or fail to submit the bid security deposit will not be accepted.

7. Tendering agency: Wuhu Municipal Government Procurement Agency

Account opening unit: Wuhu Municipal Government bidding procurement agency

Bank: Huishang Bank Wuhu Xinshikou Sub-branch

account number

Website: http:// Company Name: Wuhu Municipal Government Procurement Agency Contact: Teacher Zhu Tel: 0553-3121947 E-mail: Fax: 0553-3121812 Postal Code: 241000 Address: Wuhu City Bid Purchasing and Trading Center, No. 237, Beijing East Road

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