Shengbang Micro launches four-channel white LED driver SGM3132

SGMICRO's latest SGM3132 is a 4-channel white light driver for low-dropout mode driving small and medium-sized LCD backlight LEDs, which helps customers simplify product backlight design and reduce customer system design costs. The SGM3132 is fully compatible with the RT9364 and can be widely used in mobile phones, GPS, and consumer electronics.
SGM3132 is the new low-dropout single-line dimming mode white LED lamp driven by Shengbang Microelectronics. Compared with the existing products on the market, the SGM3132 has been fully improved in performance. The differential pressure is reduced to 20mV under 20mA current, which can perfectly support The four LEDs operate stably at a lower battery voltage (<3.5V), the operating voltage is 2.5 to 5.0V, and the current error between channels is less than 3%, which enables higher channel brightness matching. Support single-line pulse dimming, pulse width support minimum 1μS, start-up time less than 30μS, quiescent current less than 0.1μA in shutdown mode, can fully meet the application of various portable products.
The SGM3132 is a pollution-free, lead-free, environmentally friendly product with an extended industrial temperature range of -40°C to +85°C and is available in a TQFN-16 (3×3) package. The SGM3122 has been in volume production in the second quarter of 2009, with a large order cycle of 4-6 weeks.

MC Flex Indoor Rental LED Display

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1. Lightweight. Convenient in transporting and installing & saving labor cost, suitable for flow shows.
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3. Jointed correctly, being installed & dismounted by one person without tool.
4. Humanized operating interface with breakdown indicator lights, easy to maintain.
5. High debugging brightness and no damage to gray scale, achieving the debugging technology for nice image.

Indoor Rental LED Display

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