Analysis of the Application of LED Lighting in the Production of News Programs

The further maturity of LED technology, the rapid improvement of the luminous efficiency of LED light sources, and the improvement of the level of lighting production technology have already appeared in the lamps for TV lighting. This kind of lamps can replace the traditional three for news programs. Base color cold light. LED film and television lighting has moved from simple effect lighting to character lighting.
Studio lighting

In the production of TV news programs, LED lamps are inseparable. The lamps on the news site place high demands on safety and stability. Especially at important news sites, safety has always been the most worrying issue for lighting engineers. Appeared to solve these problems. An example of our work: Nowadays, the portable hand lamp of the Shizheng News, powered by a nickel-hydrogen battery, is a double-headed tungsten light bulb. This kind of hand lamp will appear in some important occasions, sometimes it will be close to the head, and it will fill light. Some lenses record very precious historical moments, and it is impossible to repeat them like recording a program. Therefore, the stability and safety of the lamps are very high. Only one lamp head can be opened with a conventional tungsten lamp, and another standby, in an emergency. It will only be used under the hood. This kind of luminaire can only last for about 40 minutes. The most worry is that the temperature of the luminaire is very high, and the bulb will be extinguished or even frothed at any time. The appearance of LED hand lights basically solved the problem, and it is also a double lamp head design. Each lamp head can be self-dimmed, the heat generation is very low, the battery is powered by lithium battery, the weight is reduced by half, and the double lamp can be maintained for nearly 3 hours. The lighting time fully meets the demand for light in the current affairs news.
LED flat light

In the CCTV news, Zi Naiwen Studio is responsible for the production and broadcast of a large number of news programs on the news channel, and the news information broadcasted on a 24-hour basis. The main columns are "News Network", "Focus Interview", "Chao Wen Tian Xia", " Oriental Time and Space, News 1+1, News 30 Minutes, Common Concern, Evening News, Live News Room, etc. These columns are broadcast live or recorded in three news studios. These three studios are currently designed with LED lighting, and a large number of LED flat soft lights are used. These lamps use thousands of small power LEDs to form a large area. The luminous surface is more uniform and soft in light distribution. It is equipped with a high transmittance light plate, a light control grille, no glare, and avoids glare and uncomfortable feeling caused by glare. It is very suitable for news people's surface lighting. It makes the professional lighting division easy to handle; the life span is tens of thousands of hours; the power consumption is only 50% of the three primary color fluorescent lamps with the same light output, and the power saving effect is very obvious. It can be used as a lamp to replace the three-color soft light of the traditional TV studio. The luminaire's color rendering index is greater than 85, meeting the professional lighting requirements of TV studios.

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