Chuan Honghai and Nichia will invest in the construction of LED factory in Wuhan

According to Chinese media reports in Taiwan, due to the official policy support of the mainland, Taiwan’s LED industry has set off a boom in investing in the mainland, and it has been reported that Hon Hai Group and Japanese LED manufacturers have negotiated patent licensing matters. Direct or indirect procurement of LED chips, and actively negotiated plans to build LED factories in Wuhan Park.

According to reports, Hon Hai and U.S. Yahua will be able to open the LED upstream extension all the way to package. The cooperation between the two giants has caused great concern in the LED industry. However, Hon Hai denied this news.

LED industry insiders pointed out that Hon Hai is the LED lighting and backlight market. The chairman of the board, Guo Taiming, contacted the Japanese LED leading factory in Japan to cooperate with the company to negotiate a number of patent licenses and capacity purchases, although the outside world believes that the Hon Hai Group's LED packaging factory is advanced. The electric power system is led by Innolux. In fact, the production capacity and technology of advanced power have been stationed by Japanese-Asian technicians, and the two sides have cooperated closely. Since Nichia has accused advanced electric infringement, Hon Hai promised to use the chips produced by Nichia Chemical Co., Ltd. after the merger of advanced electric power, and the reconciliation between Japan and Asia and the low-key of advanced electricity.

At present, the cooperation mode between the two parties is to supply the blue LED chip by Guanglei, a LED epitaxial plant in Japan. The group will create a single light beam, and then hand it over to the advanced power for packaging and shipment to the group to assemble, and another part of the high-end LED. The chip was directly purchased by Hon Hai from Japan, and the direct and indirect orders were paralleled. As for the recent release of Hon Hai, it was intended to purchase and Guanglei, but it was denied.

Hon Hai Group has a long-term layout of the LED industry, including Hon Hai and Innolux's growing demand for LED supply, and is eager to try the LED lighting industry. The industry believes that the LED supply chain will be the next target of Guo Taiming, but the LED patent. Has been hit by the world's five major LED manufacturers, in order to break through the patent restrictions, Hon Hai actively draws Japan's Asianization; and Nichia also said that in order to seek new sources of income, it will prepare to cut into the middle and low-end markets, and cover the mainland. new factory.

Since Hon Hai has set up an optical and electrical industrial park in the East Lake New High Zone of Wuhan, the first phase of the project started mass production in October 2009, and has taken the lead in cutting into the business opportunities of LED street lights in major cities in the mainland. It is said that after the completion of the entire industrial zone, the annual output value will be worth 100 billion US dollars.

However, some LED chip makers believe that Japan's Asian style has always been conservative and has deep doubts about technology outflows. It is difficult to cooperate with other factories in the most critical epitaxial production technology. Therefore, whether Hon Hai can successfully cooperate with Japan The Asian Chemical Construction Plant is still holding a reservation.

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