Panasonic Lighting launches the key to transformation

"I hope that you can write a wonderful article." On April 14, in the face of the visiting reporter, Xipu Yiqing, the general manager of Beijing Songxia Lighting Co., Ltd., just opened soon.

In fact, he has already made a good start for this wonderful article. In 2009, in the face of the sudden financial crisis, coupled with the already shrinking ring light in the Japanese sales market, Matsushita’s headquarters made a decision to transform and moved to Yizhuang. It was during such a turning point that Xipu Yiqing took office this year. It set off the banner of Beijing Songxia Lighting Transformation and led the company from a lighting supplier specializing in export to the leader of the Chinese lighting market.

Increase sales organization, spiral energy-saving lamp production line to replace incandescent lamps, develop LED light source... Panasonic Lighting has successfully accelerated its transformation in the first quarter of the year.

The key of the product - the green energy-saving lamp lights up the development road

13 years ago, China launched the "green lighting" project and began to promote the popularization of energy-saving lamps. Last year, the United Nations Development Program and the Global Environment Facility signed a cooperation project on “China’s phase-out of incandescent lamps and accelerated promotion of energy-saving lamps”, and the financial subsidies increased to varying degrees. Since September 1 last year, the first phase of the ban on the elimination of incandescent lamps in the European Union has officially entered into force, and energy-saving lamps have quickly become the mainstream of the lighting market.

Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. naturally will not let such an opportunity, directly reflecting the company's Beijing Songxia Lighting Source Co., Ltd. as a base for the production of energy-saving lamps. Previously, Panasonic Lighting has been producing straight tube and ring tube fluorescent lamps. In the second half of last year, Panasonic Lighting moved into the development zone, and there was no ring light production line. Only one assembly line of projection lamps was kept. The rest of the production lines were all energy-saving products, including 4 compact energy-saving lamp production lines and 1 high-efficiency energy-saving straight pipe. The fluorescent lamp production line will launch a spiral energy-saving lamp production line instead of incandescent lamps in June this year.

“Spiral energy-saving lamps will be our products specially designed for the Chinese market and the EU market. It is the best substitute for incandescent lamps. It is better than incandescent lighting and cheaper than compact energy-saving lamps.” Panasonic Lighting Manufacturing Department Ren Xiaohui told reporters that the spiral energy-saving lamps listed in September will be their main products for China's energy-saving market, with a target of 100 million.

It is understood that in order to increase the competitiveness of products, Matsushita Lighting will begin to develop LED energy-saving lamps in the second half of this year, covering the corners of energy-saving lighting products.

The key to the market - to fully explore the Chinese lighting market

The data shows that in the next three years, China will “extinguish” billions of incandescent lamps and light up the same number of energy-saving lamps, which is obviously a huge market.

Ren Xiaohui said that the company has already taken advantage of the favorable terrain of the Chinese lighting market as the company's strategic mission, often meeting and discussing strategies, and newly established a sales promotion department this year to be responsible for opening up the Chinese market.

Panasonic lighting products have the advantages of quality and product performance. In the past, we paid more attention to the production of high-end products. The new general manager proposed a concept closer to the customer. The company will focus on spiral energy-saving lamps. Drive the market share of energy-saving products in the Chinese market.

However, for Panasonic Lighting, it is an opportunity as well as a challenge. At present, Panasonic Lighting only has straight-tube high-frequency fluorescent lamps with a luminous efficiency of up to 2 grades, which are sold in China, with a market share of only 1%. However, this series of products is widely used. It is used in office buildings, subways, schools, shops, etc., the Ministry of Commerce office building and Gome are all applicable, which can increase brand trust for customers.

"We have reserved one-third of the production capacity now, in order to cope with the production capacity brought about by the development of the domestic market." Ren Xiaohui is confident in the future.

Key to price - Panasonic Electrician to reduce costs

In terms of quality, we don’t lose any competitor’s Panasonic lighting. The biggest weakness in the Chinese market is the price, which is also an important reason for Matsushita’s relocation to Yizhuang, because there are their brother companies, Matsushita Electric, Matsushita Electric. Lamps, Panasonic Lighting provides light source, the two sides work together, the two are now in a compound, not only saves logistics, operations and other costs, and can share various infrastructure costs.

Ren Xiaohui told reporters that Matsushita Electric Works is currently working hard with lighting to make a combination of energy-saving lamps, in order to better play the efficacy of energy-saving lamps. The most energy-efficient and high-efficiency product of the straight fluorescent lighting fixtures used in China - Panasonic "e-Hf" series of high-efficiency fluorescent lamps, is a T8 tube (25.5mm) 32W high-frequency dedicated fluorescent lamp produced by "Panasonic". The intelligent electronic ballast-type luminaires produced by Panasonic Electric Works drive the light to achieve a luminous efficacy of up to 104 lm/W (lm/W per 1 W of luminous flux).

In order to reduce the cost of the products, they also continuously optimize the process, improve the product's pass rate, and upgrade the machine by themselves. As the minister of the manufacturing department, this is Ren Xiaohui's unrelenting work. He invented and improved the current automatic lamp seal. With the device, his current goal is to completely automate the assembly process, which can save the company a lot of money.

At the same time, in order to improve product quality, the company will pre-position the previous quality inspection and change the original final inspection to the current process inspection. All of this is to enhance the competitiveness of the product.

In the estimated output value of Panasonic Lighting, the output value will reach 460 million in 2010, half of which will come from energy-saving lamps. This year is the first year of Panasonic lighting transformation, and we expect them to end up perfectly. (Edit: Led Fish)

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