Embedded automated distribution system

Automated management of operating systems is an integral part of modern enterprises. Video image transmission monitoring systems have been widely used in transportation, hospitals, banks, home and video conferencing. Early analog video surveillance systems could not be networked, and only point-to-point communication with the management center. With the development of image and video processing technology, network technology and automatic control technology, the video image system has transitioned to digital. network transmission. It focuses on the compression, transmission, storage and playback (playback) of digital video, adopts advanced digital image compression coding/decoding technology and transmission technology, and uses intelligent image processing and recognition technology for image display, adjustment and tracking, according to the scene. The environment tracks and identifies objects, and analyzes and processes the images.

1 Automated distribution system

The system is based on the image acquisition subsystem of the USB camera, the ARM processor subsystem and the wireless network data transmission subsystem form a video server system. The data exchange with the management center is realized by the GPRS module on the Samsung S3C2410 development board. The image data is received by the USB camera, the positioning and identification of the shelf position is implemented, and then the identification information is sent to the distribution management center through the GPRS module device. The management center sends a control command to the delivery vehicle to place the goods on the delivery vehicle to a designated shelf position, or to take the goods out of the designated shelf position and load them into the delivery vehicle. As shown in Figure 1.

2 hardware implementation of the video server system

The network video server in the above figure is mainly composed of a USB camera, a network video server, and the like. The workflow is shown in Figure 2.

2.1 ARM embedded microprocessor

The embedded microprocessor is the core of the hardware part, using Samsung's ARM microprocessor S3C424lO. The microprocessor has a 16/32-bit ARM9TDMI core that can execute 32-bit ARM instructions or 16-bit Thumb instructions with up to 203 MHz, 8 Kbytes of Cache, and 2 full-duplex UARTs. (Universal asynchronous transceiver) channel, featuring low cost and high performance.

2.2 Wireless communication system

With the development of GPRS technology in the field of wireless communication, the use of GPRS modem in the ARM system to achieve Internet access has also begun to be applied. GPRS can play the characteristics of always online, fast login, and flow metering. This paper adopts the embedded real-time operating system ARM CPU to use the AT command for dialing, feedback response, and establish a data transmission channel GPRS network between the GPRS modem and the Internet in the system, thus realizing the delivery vehicle and monitoring. The data interaction of the management center realizes the automatic delivery of remote unattended time.

2.3 Video capture compression module design

The video capture compression module consists of two parts: video data acquisition and video data compression. The video data acquisition chip is responsible for collecting the analog video data sent by the USB camera and performing analog-to-digital conversion, compressing in MPEG4 format, and then storing the data in the buffer memory through the data bus, and processing by the S3C2410. The compression chip uses VW2010, which is a commonly used real-time video and audio compression/decompression chip, compatible with MPEG-l, 2, 4, H. The 263 standard, with high practicability and cost-effectiveness, enables real-time, dynamic capture and compression of video signals at sampling rates of 25 frames per second or 30 frames per second.

3 Software structure and implementation of automated distribution system

3.1 Software Structure

The embedded Linux operating system and applications run on the video server. Server-side software development uses C/S mode. The main function of the video server software is to collect, compress, store, and transmit images captured by the camera. When the operating system starts, the real-time clock is started. The system loads the serial port, USB and other driver modules, waiting for the completion of the video image acquisition. Then repeat the process of collecting pictures and sending pictures.

3.2 Client Software

The client refers to the management center and can receive data transmitted from the video monitoring server. Its functions mainly include receiving images, data analysis, and file storage through the GPRS network. When the client (the management center) receives the data, it first analyzes the intercepted data according to the protocol data specification, strips out the protocol header, analyzes the lower layer data, and performs layer-by-layer processing until the final image data is obtained, and the information and traffic therein are obtained. Statistics are performed, and the two pieces of information are stored or transmitted to the corresponding display module. In the automated distribution system, the monitoring center uses the image to determine the position of the delivery vehicle, the size of the object to adjust the robot arm, and assemble the cargo.

4 Conclusion

The automated distribution system based on ARM embedded system has strong anti-interference ability and is suitable for long-distance transmission of the system. Based on real-time operating system Linux, it has small size, low power consumption, high reliability, easy installation, and strong real-time performance, enabling managers to realize real-time operation of the delivery vehicle over long distances, and adopting wireless network GPRS technology to realize video signal transmission. The command and dispatch of the entire automated distribution system can be realized at any position of the network.

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