Energy-saving subsidy policy introduced to accelerate the expansion of the rare earth application market

On June 6, the rare earth permanent magnet plate was active. The current development of Minmetals rose by nearly 6%. China National Stock Co., Ltd., Jiangfen Magnetic Materials, Yinhe Magnet, Zhenghai Magnetic Materials and other stocks all increased by more than 2%.

Recently, the State Council executive meeting launched a subsidy policy for energy-saving products, which proposed to arrange 36.3 billion yuan of special funds to subsidize energy-saving appliances, energy-saving lamps and LED lights, energy-saving cars and high-efficiency motors. This became the biggest policy benefit of the energy-saving industry market after the country issued the “12th Five-Year Plan” energy conservation and emission reduction work plan last year. It is understood that rare earth is an important raw material for this energy-saving subsidy product.

The industry believes that the increase in energy-saving subsidies will certainly drive the demand for rare earth materials, and then promote the accelerated expansion of the rare earth application market. However, the rising prices of rare earths may still become the limiting factor for the development of rare earth application industries.

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