LED drive power new direction - integrated, intelligent, standardized

[Source: "High-tech LED-technology and application" April issue Long Zonghui] LED drive power is a supporting device for LED lamps. It can be divided into high-power and low-power according to different power. Small power is mainly used for indoor lighting. In terms of landscape lighting, high power is mainly used for street lights, tunnel lights, and subway (light rail) lights. Due to the low technical requirements of the small power drive power supply, the technical unevenness is rather confusing. The high-power drive power supply is just the opposite, and the technology concentration is very high. At present, it is mainly owned by several large companies such as Hangzhou Infineon, Shenzhen Maoshuo and Jingchen Technology.

Small size, integration, and light weight are the development direction of all LED driver power supplies.
Small size, integrated, and light weight, it is the future common technology development direction of large and small power LED drive power. According to Mr. Ji Ning, general manager of Shenzhen Shengnao Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., the smaller the small power LED driving power supply and the lighter the weight, the more difficult it is to solve the heat dissipation problem. They currently use high-integration chips from companies such as Panasonic, NXP, and PI to minimize circuit design and reduce volume and weight by streamlining surrounding materials. Mr. Mao Zhaoqi, Marketing Manager of Yingfeite Electronic Technology in Hangzhou, introduced the new standard of high-power LED lighting driver power industry. Although there is no exact requirement for weight, there are customers who have requirements for the weight of the whole lamp. Therefore, when designing the drive, choose not to fill the glue to reduce the weight while optimizing the design to meet customer requirements. Mr. Su Zhichun, the director of Shenzhen Jingchen Electronic Technology R&D Department, introduced that in the future, under the premise of streamlining the topology, the driver will gradually transition to digitalization, and finally achieve centralized control of core parameters such as current and voltage.

LED drive power is trying to break through the "life" problem from the perspective of electrolytic capacitors
LED drive power companies are trying to break through the bottleneck of life through electrolytic capacitor technology. According to the theory, for every 10° rise in electrolytic capacitors, the lifetime of the entire LED drive will be halved. According to the reporter, in recent years, the number of companies developing electroless capacitors or solid capacitors has gradually increased, but they are not mature in technology. Many suppliers claim that the electroless capacitor LED driver solution is mostly just removing the aluminum electrolytic capacitor from the AC terminal. The aluminum electrolytic capacitor at the constant current output is difficult to replace. Mr. Mao Zhaoqi introduced that at present, the medium and high power LED lighting drivers produced by Infineon do not use electroless capacitor technology. Usually thousands of hours mentioned in the specification refers to the working life in the extreme working environment. The actual situation is that it can easily achieve more than 50,000 matching with LED chips by improving efficiency, enhancing heat dissipation and using high-quality long-life capacitors. Hours of life. With the drive solution of electroless capacitors, many test standards are difficult to pass, such as EMI test, flicker free test and so on.

For more information, please refer to the April issue of "High-tech LED-Technology and Applications" magazine.

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