1602 clock counter implemented by FPGA verilog

Original link: Stayed up late at 1 o'clock, and finally wrote the 1602 clock counter code. Why is the clock counter? Because I haven't had time to do the calibration time, I can only call it a clock counter, not an electronic clock. There are very few people on the Internet to disclose this type of code. A search for FPGA 1602 is to write a static display. In practical applications, it is useless. Therefore, this simple example is a good example for everyone! The above code: Qii 9.0 compiled, 21EDA development board test OKmodule LCD (rst, key1, clk, rw, rs, en, data); input clk, rst, key1; output rs, en, rw; output [7:0] Data; reg rs,en_sel; reg [7:0] data; reg [7:0] shi,fen,miao; reg [31:0]count,count1; //LCD CLK divider counter reg lcd_clk; reg [7 :0] one_1,one_2,one_3,one_4,one_5,one_6,one_7,one_8,one_9,one_10,one_11,one_12,one_13,one_14,one_15,one_16; reg [7:0] two_1,two_2,two_3,two_4,two_5 , two_6, two_7, two_8, two_9, two_10, two_11, two_12, two_13, two_14, two_15, two_16; reg [7:0] next, xianshi, two; parameter state0 = 8'h00, // set the 8-bit format, 2 Line, 5*7 8'h38; state1 =8'h01, //Overall display, off cursor, no flashing 8'h0C Flashing 8'h0e state2 =8'h02, //Set the input mode, the increment is not shifted 8'h06 state3 =8'h03, //Clear the display 8'h01 state4 =8'h04, //Show the first line of instructions 80H state5 =8'h05, //Show the second line of instructions 80H+40H scan = 8'h06, nul =8'h07; parameter data0 =8'h10, //2 lines, a total of 32 data1 =8'h11, data2 =8'h12, data3 =8'h13, data4 =8'h14, data5 =8'h15, data6 =8'h16, data7 =8'h17, data8 =8'h18, data9 =8 'h19, data10 =8'h20, data11 =8'h21, data12 =8'h22, data13 =8'h23, data14 =8'h24, data15 =8'h25, data16 =8'h26, data17 =8'h27 , data18 =8'h28, data19 =8'h29, data20 =8'h30, data21 =8'h31, data22 =8'h32, data23 =8'h33, data24 =8'h34, data25 =8'h35, data26 =8'h36, data27 =8'h37, data28 =8'h38, data29 =8'h39, data30 =8'h40, data31 =8'h41; iniTIal //initial value begin //the first line shows TEL one_1< ="T"; one_2<="E"; one_3<="L"; one_4<=":"; one_5<="1"; one_6<="3"; one_7<="8"; one_8<= "6"; one_9<="8";one_10<="1";one_11<="6";one_12<="0";one_13<="5";one_14<="6";one_15<=" 9";one_16<=" "; //The second line shows Clock:00-00-00 two_1<="C"; two_2<="l"; two_3<="o"; two_4<="c"; Two_5<="k"; two_6<=":"; two_7<=" "; two_8<=" "; two_9<="-";two_10<=" ";two_11<=" ";two_ 12<="-";two_13<=" ";two_14<=" ";two_15<=" ";two_16<=" "; shi<=0;fen<=0;miao<=0; end always @( Datedge clk ) //Get the LCD clock begin count<=count+1; if(count==250000) begin count<=0; lcd_clk<=~lcd_clk; end end always @(posedge clk or negedge rst ) //clock counter Begin if(!rst) begin shi<=0;fen<=0;miao<=0; count1<=0; end else begin en_sel<=1; two_7<= (shi/10)+8'b00110000; two_8< = (shi%10)+8'b00110000; two_10<=(fen/10)+8'b00110000; two_11<=(fen%10)+8'b00110000; two_13<=(miao/10)+8'b00110000; Two_14<=(miao%10)+8'b00110000; count1<=count1+1'b1; if(count1==49999999) // clock count begin count1<=0; miao<=miao+1; if(miao= =59) begin miao<=0; fen<=fen+1; if(fen==59) begin fen<=0; shi<=shi+1; if(shi==23) begin shi<=0; end End end end end end always @(posedge lcd_clk ) begin case(next) state0 : begin rs<=0; data<=8'h38; next<=state1; end //configuration fluid State1 : begin rs<=0; data<=8'h0e; next<=state2; end state2 : begin rs<=0; data<=8'h06; next<=state3; end state3 : begin rs<=0; Data<=8'h01; next<=state4; end state4 : begin rs<=0; data<=8'h80; next<=data0; end //display the first line of data0 : begin rs<=1; data< =one_1; next<=data1 ; end data1 : begin rs<=1; data<=one_2; next<=data2 ; end data2 : begin rs<=1; data<=one_3; next<=data3 ; end data3 : begin Rs<=1; data<=one_4; next<=data4 ; end data4 : begin rs<=1; data<=one_5; next<=data5 ; end data5 : begin rs<=1; data<=one_6; next< =data6 ; end data6 : begin rs<=1; data<=one_7; next<=data7 ; end data7 : begin rs<=1; data<=one_8; next<=data8 ; end data8 : begin rs<=1; Data<=one_9; next<=data9 ; end data9 : begin rs<=1; data<=one_10; next<=data10 ; end data10 : begin rs<=1; data<=one_11; next<=data11 ; end data11 : begin rs<=1; data<=one_12; next<=data12 ; end data12 : Begin rs<=1; data<=one_13; next<=data13 ; end data13 : begin rs<=1; data<=one_14; next<=data14 ; end data14 : begin rs<=1; data<=one_15; next <=data15 ; end data15 : begin rs<=1; data<=one_16; next<=state5 ; end state5: begin rs<=0;data<=8'hC0; next<=data16; end //display second Line data16 : begin rs<=1; data<=two_1; next<=data17 ; end data17 : begin rs<=1; data<=two_2; next<=data18 ; end data18 : begin rs<=1; data<= Two_3; next<=data19 ; end data19 : begin rs<=1; data<=two_4; next<=data20 ; end data20 : begin rs<=1; data<=two_5; next<=data21 ; end data21 : begin rs <=1; data<=two_6; next<=data22 ; end data22 : begin rs<=1; data<=two_7; next<=data23 ; end data23 : begin rs<=1; data<=two_8; next<= Data24 ; end data24 : begin rs<=1; data<=two_9; next<=data25 ; end data25 : begin rs<=1; data<=two_10; next<=data26 ; end data26 : begin rs<=1; <=two_11; next<=data27 ; end data27 : begin rs<=1; data<=two_12; next<=data28 ; end data28 : begin rs<=1; data<=two_13; next<=data29 ; end data29 : begin rs<=1; data<=two_14; Next<=data30 ; end data30 : begin rs<=1; data<=two_15; next<=data31 ; end data31 : begin rs<=1; data<=two_16; next<=scan ; end scan : //Alternate update The first and second rows of data begin next<=state4; end default: next<=state0; endcase end assign en=lcd_clk && en_sel; assign rw=0;endmodule


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