By 2020, global IoT device access will reach 26 billion

Electronic enthusiasts eight o'clock in the morning: The Internet of Things is a highly integrated and integrated application of a new generation of information technology, which is of great significance to the new round of industrial transformation and economic and social green, intelligent and sustainable development. It is also clear that the Internet of Things network number is to create a better development environment for the Internet of Things industry.

So, what is the market size of the Internet of Things in the future? According to forecasts from well-known market research firm Gartne, by 2020, global IoT device access will reach 26 billion, and IoT products and service providers are expected to achieve revenues of $300 billion.

By 2020, global IoT device access will reach 26 billion

As we all know, the Internet of Things is a master of traditional and cutting-edge technology, including core technologies such as sensors, network connectivity, cloud storage, data analysis and machine learning, and thus has the potential to subvert many industries, from the medical industry, manufacturing, and then To public utilities, transportation, government management, etc. However, as far as the current situation is concerned, the development of the Internet of Things is still in its infancy. Whether it is a company or an organization, the strategy of the Internet of Things needs to be combined with the status quo and should not be radical.

In this regard, former Amazon executive John Rossman proposed ten criteria based on his years of research on the Internet of Things field, and suggested that the standard does not necessarily apply to every enterprise, but it is an important aspect that decision makers need to consider.

First, the user experience is supreme

Rossman believes that the realization of the Internet of Things must first start from focusing on the user experience, so just consider how to use technology such as device networking to enhance the user experience.

The rapid development of technologies such as sensors and device networking can provide a new solution for solving user experience problems. Assuming that the reliability and feasibility of these solutions can be verified, it is bound to generate a new business model. The next thing to consider is how to The problem of realizing the networking solution. If IoT decision makers can cut in and get back to work, they will win the user's high recognition.

Second, establish seamless access to platforms and channels

In the world of Internet of Everything, every day, users have to “communicate” through a series of platforms and devices, and in the whole process, they need to focus on the “omnichannel” experience, which is very important for the seamless user experience.

Rossman believes that the key to omnichannel experience is to build a platform that captures the coherence of information.

Third, continuous improvement

IoT technology has provided unprecedented convenience for daily program monitoring, and all industries are continuously improving with IoT technologies such as better data and communication means.

Rossman believes that continuous improvement will help improve the process and transparency of production in various industries, thus setting off a new wave. Device networking provides managers with the ability to understand the flow, status, and status of critical projects in real time.

Fourth, data analysis is very important

IoT technology can help collect big data generated in operations, and the size and magnitude of such data may be beyond imagination. But data alone is not enough, and data and models, analysis and algorithms must be used to extract its value.

Rossman said: "Your daily operations form useful big data, which can reflect some of your team's problems." With big data, you can create a formulaic understanding process, and then get a more accurate definition to change or even heavy Plastic these programs.

5. Focus on the big picture, start small

Internet of Things innovation requires a long-term perspective. If you want to succeed in the field of Internet of Things, you need not only a grand vision, but also a small and inconspicuous project, through the accumulation of experience, to achieve the vision of the Internet of Things.

Rossman said that IoT innovation is a process of continuous exploration and should be fully prepared. In the beginning, it may be necessary to try and make mistakes through small, flexible, low-risk investments. In this way, what is feasible and what is not feasible can be understood.

Sixth, borrowing the trend of the Internet of Things to make the platform bigger and stronger

The business model of the platform is open, allowing other companies to share data to build their own business, which provides an advantage for the platform to be strong and stable.

Rosson said: "The IoT platform is an enablement that enables companies to turn their products and services into a medium that other companies can serve their customers."

Seven, a result-oriented business model

The user wants to buy not only the product or the service itself, but the indirect value of the product and the service provided in succession by purchasing the product or service.

Eight, find a balance between big data realization and security privacy

If the data is really a new black gold market, then the Internet of Things is the holy land of the Nuggets. Enterprises can extract huge value and benefits through the massive data provided by sensors, and such data business models will intensify in the future.

Nine, subvert the original industrial value chain with new products and services

The industrial value chain is a process of establishing an end-to-end system. If you cut through somewhere in the value chain, you can get the overall plan through cooperation, so you must contact the upstream and downstream to learn the industry in depth. After analyzing the data, we found some bad user experiences and limited profit growth points, and then gradually sought to subvert the original value of the industry through the Internet of Things strategy.

X. Establishing the Internet of Things strategy “flywheel”

Rossman believes that when developing an IoT strategy, efforts should be made to identify the most appropriate partners and consider the risks or threats that may be faced in the future so that they can focus on finding the factors that can create the highest growth for the company's business.

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