One hundred or so high-quality mice - Logitech Logitech G102 Prodigy gaming mouse

Measurement report


This public test report carried out a nearly 10-day experience with the Logitech Logitech G102 Prodigy Gaming Mouse (black) in terms of appearance, vertical contrast, performance, and cost performance. The design of the G102 was inspired by the lines and structure of the Logitech G100S Gaming Mouse. In a classic mouse, a USB report rate of 1000 Hz/ms can basically meet the conditions for real-time response. In addition, the LOGO under the RGB lighting effect is particularly pleasing to the eye. Through about ten days of experience, the basic functions of the G102, the precision, feel, appearance, and workmanship of the G102 were all top-level (personal views, don't spray). But the mouse is to see whether it is suitable for the user, and I think, G102 belongs to a kind of giant mouse, whether you play games, office or other, it can meet your basic requirements. When you want to buy a good mouse and don't know which one to buy, or when you are shy, G102 is your best choice.

First, appearance

First of all, this is the first time that all the tests have been conducted. It is still quite surprising when they receive a text message. Within a few days, I received the parcel sent by my aunt.

received a package


G102 package front

G102 back of package

G102 package side

G102 package side

The feeling that opened the parcel to give me the first impression is that the package is small. It really is the definition of the mouse. It is compared with the newly purchased G602. It is really small and looks at the picture.

G602 G102 packaging

Out of the box

Mouse front

Bottom of mouse

Mouse side

Power Positive RGP Light

Power LOGO

This test is mainly compared with the other two Logitech mice (G500S, G602) on the hand. In fact, they have no comparability. After all, products with different fronts and different prices, but by comparison, they can still give you a purchase. The reference.

One photo from left to right is G500S, G102, G602



Photo of G500S and G602

Photo of G102 and G602

Photo of G102 and G500S

In this regard, in fact, G602 is the largest, for me the G602 feel the most comfortable. But on the other hand, the G102 is the best in control, and it feels very good to have a sense of control. Put three photos on the side of the mouse below.

G102 side

G102 side raised his hand

G102 side of the hand

G500S side

G500S side raises hand

G500S side of the hand

G602 side

G602 side of the hand

G602 side of the hand

Second, performance

In terms of performance, the three mouse main functions are different and perform their duties. However, every mouse has achieved the layout of their products. The G102 is capable of basic mouse tasks and can be used for gaming. The G500S also adds functions such as weights and buttons in addition to the game. It can be said to be a very classic one. Gaming mouse; G602 is a low-power gaming wireless mouse that meets office requirements while meeting basic gaming needs.

Basic parameters

The G102's RGB lights can be controlled. Logitech game software can be used to manage the mouse. However, the old version does not support G102, so put the 8.91.48 version address Lgs

G102 custom interface

G102 custom interface

G602 custom interface

Normally, according to my personal habits, DPI is about 1500-2000 enough for me to use. In addition, I found that each mouse command editor command is not the same! In fact, I most want to have a next song, a song, pause function, but found that only G102 and G500S have this feature, but the two mice can be honest to define the button is relatively small.

G102 command editor

G500S command editor

G602 command editor

Third, experience

The experience is as follows;

Gaming comfort: G102> G500S> G602; G102 is the most fluid when playing League of Legends, G500S is still a little old, and always feels that the accuracy is so bad (perhaps too old), but it can be very good The operation, but the G602 can only say enough, is not very intense operation or can, after all, is a wireless mouse.

Daily office: G602> G102> G500S; G602 This mouse I think is really an office artifact, DPI is enough, the reaction speed is enough, editable keys are more (for us this often write papers), power usage for a long time; G102 Office is also very good, I feel very suitable for customer service sisters and ah, like the mild office workers; G500s give me the feeling is a real gaming mouse, and office is OK, a little tired.

Cost-effectiveness: Incomparable; after all, the mouse should still be used by people.

Key comfort: G102> G602> G500s; G102's fretting sensation is the best, soft and hard moderate; G602 left and right keys are a bit soft, and the side keys are very hard; G500s fretting I have not changed, already a bit soft It is estimated that it will soon be changed slightly.

Roller comfort: G500s> G102> G602; G500s's roller is my favorite, because there are two gears, it is very suitable for me who often write papers to pull down people; and G102's wheel is more comfortable than G602 because I like the wide wheel of the G102 plus lines.

Fourth, for the crowd

G102: All people.

This mouse feels more like a tiger, and whether you play games or office, you can be able to meet the needs of most people in the hundred or so. What the others all have, the designs are in place. It is indeed An excellent gaming mouse.

G602: Office workers

G602 I start with the price of about 90 dollars more expensive than the G102, for the office is absolutely nothing to say, playing the game will be like that, but in general is also a very good office gaming mouse.

G500s: Gamers

In fact, G500s is too old, but it still has a classic mouse. The upgraded G502 is an excellent mouse.

V. Summary

These years also had some mice, but I found myself gradually becoming a fan of Logitech, mainly because Logitech's effort on the user's experience is obvious to all. The G102 Prodigy Gaming Mouse that was evaluated this time was comprehensive in all respects and it was a good enough mouse. If anyone asks me to recommend a mouse, I think I would recommend Logitech without hesitation. My sister would recommend G102 and the fund would also recommend G102. He would buy G602 from his office and the G900s would be a local tyrant.

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