Nantong City Administration Center BA, LED, touch screen system maintenance tender notice

Title: Administrative Center BA, LED, touch screen system maintenance tender notice

Tender No.: NTCZ2009010(ZB005)

Announcement date: March 12, 2009

Deadline: April 7, 2009

Tendering agency: Nantong Administrative Center

Provinces and cities: Jiangsu Province - Nantong City

Content: The Nantong Municipal Government Procurement Center plans to organize procurement through tendering for the following projects. The announcement is as follows:

I. Project Name: Nantong City Administration Center BA, LED, touch screen system maintenance

Item Number: NTCZ2009010(ZB005)

Second, the main content of the project

The BA system of Nantong Administrative Center was completed and put into use in 2004. The whole system consists of a set of Siemens BA software, 35 sets of MEC100 control modules, 35 sets of PXM digital point modules and 8 sets of MBC control modules. It involves the operation status monitoring and related control of power supply, lighting, air conditioning, fresh air, water supply and drainage systems; the LED system consists of four three primary colors, eight single primary colors, and a total of 12 LED screens. It involves the production of recipes, announcements, slogans and other related content; the touch screen system consists of 11 touch screens, which involves the playback of six sets of content in six regions.

The specific project requirements description is detailed in the third part of the bidding documents.

Third, bid related information

(1) Bidder qualification requirements

1. Have the conditions stipulated in Article 22 of the Government Procurement Law;

2. According to the Announcement of the Nantong Municipal Government Procurement Center on the Registration of New Suppliers and the Collection of Suppliers of Government Procurement Members, they have been registered and become member suppliers; (click to register)

3. An economic entity with a registered capital of more than 5 million yuan (including 5 million) and independent legal personality;

4. The BA project needs to obtain the authorization letter and service commitment issued by the original manufacturer (Siemens) of the invested equipment for the project;

5, with BA building automation maintenance experience and weak system performance.

(2) Proof materials required for registration and prequalification

1. Fill in the registration and prequalification registration form (please download it at the Nantong Government Procurement Network Download Center);

2. The power of attorney and the identity card of the legal person;

3. A copy of the legal person's business license and tax registration certificate (the photocopy is stamped with the original seal and the original is available for inspection); the 2009 Nantong City Government Procurement Supplier Pass is exempt.

4. The authorization letter and service promise of the Siemens manufacturer for the project (the copy is stamped with the unit seal and the original is available for reference);

5. One batch of BA building automation and weak current system maintenance contract (the copy is stamped with the unit seal and the original is available for reference).

Please put the above materials in a self-made catalogue into a booklet, participate in the registration, prequalification, otherwise it will not be accepted.

(3) Short-listed methods: qualified suppliers who have applied for preliminary examination may be short-listed. Whether the bidder's bidding qualification and related qualifications meet the requirements is finally determined by the jury.

(4) Bid bond

1. The bid bond is 2,000 yuan. Bidders carrying the 2009 Nantong City Government Procurement Supplier Pass will not be paid separately.

2. The short-listed supplier submits the deposit in the form of a cheque or money order when purchasing the bidding documents (not included) (account: Nantong Finance Bureau; account opening bank: Bank of China West Branch). If the deposit is not submitted on time, it will be considered as a waiver.

3. If the bidder fails to participate in the bidding without any reason after the deposit is paid, the tenderee has the right to charge 10% of the bid bond as a penalty.

Fourth, time, place and contact information

1. The bidding documents shall be issued from the date of the announcement. In order to facilitate the bidders to submit the application materials and purchase the bidding documents, it will be accepted on March 19, 2009 from 14:00 to 14:30. If you do not register on time, you will be deemed to have given up.

2. The centralized bidding time for the tender documents: starting at 15:30 on March 19, 2009

Venue: Room 2303, 23rd Floor, International Building

3. Deadline for receipt of bid documents and time for bid opening: 14:00 on April 7, 2009

Venue: Room 318, 3rd Floor, International Building, subject to change, subject to change.

Company Name: Nantong City Government Procurement Center Contact: Jiang Yuli

contact number

Address: Room 318, 3rd Floor, International Building, 38 Yuelong Road, Nantong City

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