Wanghujiao Road Lighting Procurement Tender Notice

Title: Bidding Announcement of Wanghujiao Road Lighting Procurement Tender No.: GYY200903043 Announcement Date: March 13, 2009 Deadline: March 20, 2009 Tendering Agency: Suzhou Industrial Park Real Estate Management Company: Jiangsu Province - Suzhou City Content: Standard Category: Domestic Bidding

Source of funds: domestic government funds

Investment amount: 0 million yuan

Area: Jiangsu


Tender Notice for Procurement of Lighting at Wanghujiao Branch Road

Project No. GYY200903043

Project name Wanghujiao branch road lighting procurement

Name of the tenderer Suzhou Industrial Park Real Estate Management Company

Agency name

Project approval authority name

The source of funds for the project must be implemented

Project site Jinji Lake Wanghujiao

Engineering scale road landscape lighting, a total of 300 sets of lamps (street lights and landscape lights)

Bid specific information

Bid number, section name, contract method, estimated contract price (ten thousand yuan), planned delivery time

GYY20090304301 Wanghujiao Road Road Landscape Lighting A total of 300 sets of lamps (street lights and landscape lights) open tender 1502009-4-10

The maximum number of bids that applicants can apply for 1

Registration location park tangible market

Announcement date of issue, March 16, 2009

Planned start date April 10, 2009 Planned completion time April 25, 2009

Announcement start time March 20, 2009 Announcement end time March 20, 2009

The main qualifications that the applicant should have

Applicant qualification category and level

Proposed registration qualification level

Enterprise performance and reputation In the past few years, the company's performance and good reputation (with supporting materials); well-known manufacturers of non-shaped lamps and production fixtures with production qualifications in China, with strong R&D and production capacity; or strong production and supply The supplier of capabilities.

Project Manager (Director) / Builder's Performance, Reputation

Other conditions 1. The applicant must have the necessary qualifications for prequalification (1) to have the ability to independently conclude the contract; (2) the company is not ordered to close down, the bidding qualification is cancelled or the property is taken over, frozen and bankrupt; (3) the enterprise No problems such as fraudulent bidding or serious breach of contract, major engineering quality, safety production accidents, etc., were suspended by the relevant departments during the suspension period; (4) The important contents of the pre-qualification application were not inaccurate or fraudulent; (5) The bidding applicant must apply for the bidding and qualification examination by the legal representative of the enterprise (or the agent represented by the legal representative), and the entrusted agent must be the employee of the enterprise; (6) the tenderee can reject the evaluation result of the construction unit of the park. Applicants for other types of bad credits identified by category c or Suzhou Industrial Park Planning and Construction Department; (7) Other conditions stipulated by laws and regulations. 2. Applicants should apply to the tangible market on the 2nd floor of the Market Building, No. 168, Wangdun Road, Suzhou Industrial Park. The application form and relevant materials will be submitted directly upon registration. The applicant must bring his/her ID card, social guarantee, legal representative's power of attorney and the original registration information for review. The application materials submitted are as follows: The applicant provides a copy of the enterprise qualification certificate, business license, social guarantee, performance (contract or winning bid), and the list of business performance in the past two years (main performance with a contract or a copy of the winning bid) , the bid confirmation (original, photocopy or fax). The completeness of the information provided is a prerequisite for the passing of the pre-qualification. 3. Pre-qualification method: According to the actual number of registration units, the following method 2 is adopted. Method 1: Qualified all finalists. Method 2: Random lottery method, no more than 9 qualified pre-qualification units, all finalists; more than 9 qualified pre-qualification units, through the random lottery method to determine 9 (or more) units to participate in the bidding. Method 3: The scoring ranking method, the qualified pre-qualified units are not more than 9 (or larger), and all the finalists; if the qualified pre-qualified units are greater than 9 (or larger), the ranking method is used to determine 9 (or greater). The numerical unit) unit participates in the bidding, and the detailed scoring method can be found in the bidding documents. 4. Payment method: The luminaire shall be sent by Party B to the installation site or the designated place of Party A. After the experience is received, it shall be paid to 70% of the total contract price (if delivered in batches, the amount of equipment in the batch shall be paid in proportion to the total amount) ). After the installation and commissioning is completed and the experience is accepted, 90% of the total contract price is paid. The balance is paid as a deposit after the warranty expires and the quality is not defective. Company Name: Suzhou Industrial Park Real Estate Management Company Contact: Huang Jixiang Tel: 0512-66680797 E-mail: Fax: 0512-66680799 Postal Code: 215028 Address: 7th Floor, Modern Building, Park

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