Shenyang: Unit landscape lights may be fined if they are not lit

On the evening of March 9, the Shenyang Municipal Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau directly dispatched more than 60 law enforcement officers and more than 10 law enforcement vehicles, divided into 7 groups, to focus on the problems of night lighting and lighting plaques in the seven districts of the city. Inspection and remediation. In the evening, a total of more than 30 major street roads were inspected, and more than 120 units with damaged or unlit lights were ordered to issue a Notice of Correction.

The reporter followed the law enforcement officers to see some of the main street roads in Heping District. Some of the bathing center neon lights were incomplete, and some hospital lighting plaques simply did not light up, which greatly affected the urban street and landscape. The law enforcement officers have separately issued a Notice of Responsibility for Rectification, requesting that the rectification be completed within 7 days. Otherwise, they will be punished by 200 yuan to 1,000 yuan.

According to reports, in order to further improve the city appearance and enhance the image of the city, Shenyang City began on February 23, and the Municipal Urban Construction Bureau and the Municipal Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau jointly organized a comprehensive renovation of the city appearance environment, focusing on the existing sides of 125 main streets. The night lighting, the bright plaque are not bright, the broken strips, the messy stickers along the street window, the messy stickers and painting, illegal advertising and publicity materials are cleaned up. According to the requirements of the “Program”, February 23 to March 6 will be the mobilization deployment and self-examination and self-repair period, after which the rectification phase will be carried out.

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