Purchase invitation for outdoor full-color LED electronic screen and related equipment

Title Name: Outdoor Full Color LED Electronic Screen and Related Equipment, etc. Purchase Negotiation Invitation Letter: SZSD2009-T-002 Announcement Date: March 16, 2009 Deadline: March 20, 2009 Tendering Agency: Suzhou Martyr The cemetery management office provinces and cities: Jiangsu Province-Suzhou City Content: Suzhou Times Tendering and Bidding Co., Ltd. was commissioned by the Suzhou Martyrs Cemetery Management Office to provide outdoor full-color LED electronic screens and related equipment for the Suzhou Martyrs Cemetery Management Office. The design, manufacture, installation, construction, commissioning, technical support and after-sales service of hardware and software are purchased in a competitive negotiation manner. Enterprises with the following qualifications are invited to participate in this procurement negotiation. Enterprises wishing to participate in the bidding are invited to participate in the bidding from March 16, 2009 to March 19, 2009 (excluding public holidays and holidays) from 9:00 to 11:00 am. From 1:30 to 4:00 pm, go to Suzhou Times Tendering Co., Ltd. (3rd Floor, Building 6, No. 358, Zhuhui Road, Suzhou City) to register and purchase negotiation documents. The specific content of the relevant matters is hereby notified as follows:
I. Negotiating supplier qualifications:
1. The bidder must be a domestic-funded enterprise with legal person qualifications obtained by the industrial and commercial administration department, with the qualification of general taxpayer; and the ability to bear civil liability independently.
2. Requirements for registered capital: The registered capital of the bidding enterprise is ≥ 5 million yuan;
3. It has three levels of qualification for building intelligence and a safe production license; (original for reference)
4. The bidder shall have the financial and technical capabilities required to perform the contract;
5. Bidders must have similar scale projects in China and have good reputation;
6. The bidding supplier has no major illegal records in the business activities within three years prior to participating in the procurement activities.
7. Bidders have the ability to provide long-term services in Suzhou City and provide relevant commitments and service plans.
8. The following qualifications must be provided to the tendering agency when registering and purchasing the tender:
1) A copy of the business license of the bidding enterprise and a copy of the tax registration certificate; (original for reference)
2) A copy of the building's intelligent three-level qualification and safety production license; (original for reference)
9. This tender does not accept joint bidding. Note: Eligible bidders are welcome to register. All bidders are requested to provide a copy of the above qualification documents, and must be stamped with the official seal of the bidding unit to be valid. The original will be returned to the bid opening site for review and returned, subject to the original. If there is forgery or false reporting, the bidding agency has the right to cancel the registration qualification of the unit.
Second, the procurement content:
(I) Project Name: Design, manufacture, installation, construction, commissioning, technical support and after-sales service of outdoor full-color LED electronic screen and related equipment (hardware, software)
(2) List of subject matter:
1. Purchase content:
Serial number name configuration and specification quantity unit remarks
1 electronic display outdoor full color LED 12 square meters
2 electronic screen master control device full color electronic screen control card 1 block
3 frame customization (including deepening design) 1 set
4 bracket customization (including deepening design) 1 set
5 main control computer P4 Intel Q45 Express chipset / Intel Core 2 dual-core processor E8400 (3.0GHz, 6MB L2 cache, 1333MHz front side bus) / 1G (DDR2 800 / single root) / 160G (7200 rpm) SATA hard drive / DVD burning / Gigabit network card / optical mouse standard keyboard / 19 LCD TCO03 standard / VistaBasic simplified Chinese / 3 years original gold medal door-to-door service (3 years all parts and labor costs free) 1 set
6 power cord RVV3×2.5 500 m
7 communication control line national standard six types of unshielded network cable 3 boxes
8 PVC pipe national standard 25 500 m
9 hardware zero-loss stainless steel guardrail, etc. 1 item
10 screen supporting equipment with screen ventilation, cold system 1 item
11 Accessories include electronic screen base storage embedded parts, etc.
12 Transportation and miscellaneous charges include equipment and earthwork, etc.
13 Equipment Fee Subtotal (RMB)
14 Suzhou City Hengshan Martyrs Cemetery electronic screen installation and commissioning labor costs
15 tax (equipment + labor) * 3.445%
2. Technical requirements:
l Screen area: about 12 square meters (length ratio: 4:3)
l Column height: 2.5 meters or more
l Pixel structure: 2R1G1B
l Pixel spacing: 16mm
l Pixel density: ≥ 3906 points / square meter
l Full screen brightness: 7000cd/m2, manual/automatically adjustable;
l Gray level: red, green, blue, 256 gray levels
l Horizontal viewing angle: 120 degrees; Vertical viewing angle: 50 degrees
l Scanning frequency: 240Hz; frame changing speed: 60Hz
l Drive mode: static drive 1/8 scan
l Discontinuous out of control points: 10,000 hours
l Overall life: 100,000 hours
l Signal to noise ratio: S/N≥70dB
l Other parameters: refer to relevant standards
l Stainless steel guardrail: 9 heights 1.2m φ50mm
l Facing the main entrance.
3. Description:
1) The bidder carefully surveys the site and confirms the power supply, communication, base storage bracket fixing, coloring scheme, etc., and provides renderings when bidding.
2) This bidding is not only for Party A to purchase a product, but also for on-site installation and commissioning of electronic screen equipment, laying of pipelines,
Excavation and repair of the cemetery mountain road. Party A considers the particularity of the construction environment: this installation project is carried out on the mountain body of the Hengshan Martyrs Cemetery in Suzhou. From the perspective of construction safety and construction quality, it is required to have a building intelligent engineering construction qualification and a safety production license. Complete this project.
3) The total price of the bid includes all the contents of the goods and their installation, labor, insurance, freight, labor insurance, various taxes and fees, and all expenses during the warranty period.
4) If the bidder fails to report the technical requirements or the large screen cannot operate normally, the bidder shall be fully responsible.
5) All goods should provide detailed technical information, and should have product certification, patent certificate, test report, etc. All technical information should be complete, and the information on imported equipment should be accompanied by Chinese text.
6) The products submitted by the bidder shall indicate the product brand, manufacturer, and production address, and explain the main materials of the product.
7) Delivery location: The designated location of the Suzhou Martyrs Cemetery Management Office.
8) Delivery deadline: delivery within 20 days after signing the contract and installation completed.
9), accompanying service (including after-sales service): the warranty is not less than five years. After receiving the notice of repair from the purchaser, it must arrive at the scene within 2 hours. Within 2 hours after the scene, find the corresponding cause of the fault and propose a solution. The plan, to locate and repair, repair and replace defective parts at most no more than 6 hours after positioning, if more than 6 hours can not be resolved, provide spare equipment to ensure the normal use of the purchaser. All related expenses such as replacement and transportation of all the above services and parts during the warranty period are free.
Third, the time and place of negotiation:
Venue: Opening Ceremony Hall of Suzhou Administrative Service Center (2nd Floor, East District, No. 389, Sanxiang Road, Suzhou)
Time: March 20, 2009, 1:30 pm, 4, negotiation procedure:
Please ask the legal representative or authorized representative to bring the negotiation documents, the deposit receipt and the identity certificate to participate on time, and abstain from the matter.
1. The legal representative or the authorized representative must carry the negotiation documents, the original receipt of the deposit and the original identity certificate to participate on time according to the time specified in this negotiation document, and submit the negotiation documents, if the legal representative or authorized representative fails to expire on time. The negotiation documents will be rejected.
2. The negotiating supplier draws lots to determine the negotiation order and negotiates separately.
3. The negotiating team reviews the response file submitted by the supplier, and the quotation for this response is the first quotation.
4. The supplier representative introduces product performance, program implementation, quality and expert questions;
5. Conduct price discussions, after-sales service discussions, and business terms to discuss;
6. Final quotation of the supplier unit;
7. The final quotation exceeds the budgetary budget; the second quotation cannot be higher than the first quotation;
8. The negotiating team negotiates with the supplier for a round of negotiations based on the negotiation of the supplier's commitment, response level and the supplier's final quotation (the commitment letter is also submitted within fifteen minutes after the last supplier negotiation, if not stated above) The letter of commitment to be paid will be deemed to automatically abandon the negotiation) for a comprehensive assessment.
9. According to the rankings assessed by the negotiating team, the purchasing unit shall determine the pre-dealing supplier by ranking in advance and announce the final quotation of the pre-committed unit. 5. The composition of the negotiating participants and the negotiating team:
The negotiating personnel are composed of representatives of the purchasing unit, expert judges, bidding agencies and representatives of the government procurement management office;
6. Composition of the negotiation response document:
1. Provide information such as negotiation statements (see attached form);
2. A copy of the business license, tax registration certificate, legal representative and the ID card of the authorized client;
3. Construction effect chart;
4. The legal representative's power of attorney and the original identity certificate of the trustee (if the legal representative participates in the negotiation, only the original identity certificate must be taken);
5. Quality assurance period and after-sales service commitment (including service response time, equipment maintenance method and time, etc.);
6. The quotation form must be stamped with the official seal and the authorized representative (see attachment format);
7. All the above items must be stamped with the official seal of the unit;
8. The negotiation response document must indicate: negotiating unit name contact\contact telephone communication address\zip code and invitation number.
Seven, the principle of the transaction:
1. In this negotiation, the bid evaluation does not exceed the budget, and the comprehensive scoring method is adopted, that is, under the premise of meeting the substantive requirements of the bidding documents.
The members of the negotiation team shall form a bid evaluation committee. After comprehensive evaluation according to the scoring standards and various factors specified in the negotiation documents, the bidder with the highest total score will be the winning bidder.
2. Each member of the bid evaluation committee independently evaluates and evaluates the technical part of the bidder of each valid bidder entering the scoring procedure in the form of scoring (the calculation results are rounded to two decimal places).
The scores of the judges (except the price points) are statistically aggregated. If the number of judges is less than 3 (including 3), the direct arithmetic average score is calculated. If the number of judges is more than 3, the highest and the lowest score are removed. The arithmetic average calculates the score.
Eight, relevant instructions:
1. Margin:
(1) Negotiation deposit: Before the deadline for submitting the negotiation response document, the negotiation deposit must be paid to the purchasing agency for RMB 2,000. If it is not the supplier of the transaction, the deposit is determined by the supplier and the supplier is charged to the margin. Within 5 working days after the issuance of the equivalent receipt, the deposit will be returned in full (without interest). If it is a supplier, the deposit will be valid upon the contract between the supplier and the buyer, and the bidding service fee will be paid to the purchasing agency as required. And the supplier shall return the full amount of the deposit receiving unit within 5 working days after the supplier has issued the equivalent receipt for the deposit to the margin collection unit (no interest-bearing), otherwise the purchaser or the purchasing agency shall have the right to deduct the supplier from the deposit. Provide for service fees or liquidated damages that should be paid to them without payment. (rejected cash)
(2) Margin account: Account name: Suzhou Times Tendering Co., Ltd. Bank: Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Suzhou Branch Sanxiang Branch Account
(3) Transaction service fee account number: (paying the service fee to the purchasing agency at 0.6% of the transaction amount when signing the contract.)
Account Name: Suzhou Times Tendering and Bidding Co., Ltd. Account Bank: CITIC Industrial Bank Suzhou Branch Account Number Nine, the main terms of the contract:
1. Contract subject: the brand and model of the transaction determined by negotiation;
2. Number of targets: see the first paragraph;
3. Contract transaction price: the quotation determined by negotiation;
4. After-sales service: The warranty is not less than five years. After receiving the notice from the purchaser, it must arrive at the scene within 2 hours. Within 2 hours after the scene, find the corresponding cause of the failure, propose a solution, repair and repair it. And the replacement of defective parts shall not exceed 6 hours. If it cannot be solved within 6 hours, spare equipment shall be provided to ensure the normal use of the purchaser. All related expenses such as replacement and transportation of all the above services and parts during the warranty period are free;
5, delivery time: delivery within 20 days after the contract is signed and installed and completed;
6. Place of delivery: The designated place of the Suzhou Martyrs Cemetery Management Office;
7. Delivery method: The final supply contract shall provide the delivery plan to the purchaser before delivery, and the transportation insurance and packing costs shall be borne by the final supply company;
8. Acceptance criteria: according to the criteria of the invitation letter and the response book;
9. Payment method: The purchaser shall pay 95% of the total contract price within 7 days after the acceptance of the subject matter, and the remaining 5% shall be paid by the purchasing unit in one time within 7 days after the acceptance of the acceptance;
10. Quality and service requirements:
(1) The Dealer shall ensure that the subject matter provided is brand new, unused, and fully meets the quality, specifications and performance requirements stipulated in the contract. The Dealer shall ensure that the subject matter provided by it is properly installed, properly used and maintained. Under conditions, it should have satisfactory performance during its nominal service life. Within the warranty period promised by the Dealer, the Dealer shall be liable for any deficiencies or malfunctions due to defects in design, workmanship or materials and accompanying services. According to the results of the self-inspection by the purchaser according to the inspection standard or the inspection results of the local technical supervision department, or during the quality assurance period, if the quantity, quality or specification of the subject matter does not conform to the contract or confirms that the subject matter is defective, including potential defects Or use materials that do not meet the requirements, etc., the purchaser shall notify the counterparty in writing and file a claim as soon as possible;
(2) Companion service: In addition to the obligation to deliver the qualified subject matter on time and in accordance with the contract, the transaction party shall also provide the following services: on-site installation, integration, start-up, commissioning and supervision of the subject matter; provide all technical information (test Reports, test data, product qualification certificates, etc.; provide the necessary tools for the assembly and general maintenance of the subject matter; provide configuration changes and commissioning services for the storage equipment on site during the warranty period specified by the contract; Technical guidance or training. The cost of the accompanying service is included in the contract price;
11. Liability for breach of contract: If a party fails to perform its contractual obligations or fulfills its contractual obligations and fails to meet the requirements, it shall be liable for breach of contract, such as continuing to perform, taking remedial measures or compensating for losses.
(1) After the contract takes effect, if the purchaser requests a return, it shall pay 5% of the total contract price to the counterparty. As a liquidated damage, if the liquidated damage is insufficient to compensate for the loss, the counterparty has the right to request Party A to make up. If the purchaser fails to pay the overdue payment, the overdue payment liquidated damages shall be paid in accordance with the amount of the overdue payment. If the purchaser violates the contract and refuses to accept the qualified subject matter delivered by the transaction party, it shall bear the losses caused by the transaction party.
(2) If the transaction party fails to deliver the goods (it is deemed that the delivery cannot be delivered within 5 days after the overdue period), or if the delivery fails and the purchaser is affected by the normal use of the contract, the purchaser shall reimburse the purchaser for a penalty of 5% of the total contract price. The purchaser who is insufficient to compensate for the loss has the right to request the counterparty to make up. If the transaction party fails to deliver the goods, it shall negotiate with the purchaser and the government procurement management department before the delivery. If the purchaser still needs the goods, the transaction party shall immediately deliver the goods and shall pay the overdue payment according to the 4% of the daily payment of the overdue delivery. Delivery liquidated damages, and at the same time bear the loss incurred by the purchaser.
(3) If the contract cannot be performed due to force majeure, part or all of the liability shall be exempted according to the influence of force majeure. However, if one of the parties to the contract delays the performance of force majeure, the liability cannot be waived. If one party to the contract fails to perform the contract due to force majeure, it shall promptly notify the other party to mitigate the losses that may be caused to the other party and shall provide proof within a reasonable period of time.
12. Negotiation documents and response documents are an integral part of this contract.
X. Comprehensive explanation:
1. The responding unit shall separately produce the "Competitive Negotiation Response Document" for the sixth item of this notice. The contents of the negotiation quotation include equipment, auxiliary materials, labor, machinery, transportation, storage, installation, commissioning, insurance, labor insurance, various taxes and fees, patent technology and all expenses during the warranty period;
2. The brand name and manufacturer of the product must be indicated in the negotiation documents. If the product brand and manufacturer are not indicated in the negotiation documents,
This negotiation document will be rejected.
3. The response file of the responding unit should be sealed in triplicate (one original, two copies), and the official seal of the unit should be stamped at the file seal.
4. The information provided by the responding unit should be true. If there is any falsehood, it will bear all the consequences.
5. If the responding unit has doubts about this notice, consult the tendering company in writing. All materials are subject to the written materials of the tendering company. Company Name: Suzhou Times Tendering Co., Ltd. Contact: Xin Wei, Lu Ping Tel: 0512-65201419, 65208591 E-mail: Fax: Postal Code: Address: No. 358, Zhuhui Road, Suzhou City

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